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Snowdonia Review - Guest Reviewer - Paul Kellett

It's a train game, isn't it.

Well, there are trains (many, many wonderful (and stupid) trains), and there are tracks, but Snowdonia is not your typical stuffy old train game.

Snowdonia is a worker placement Euro game (one of the best in My opinion) which has players working to complete the railway up to the top of Mount Snowdon.

While you are all working on the same track, this is a competitive game in which you score points for laying tracks, building stations and completing contracts.

The Dai is Cast

The game is set up by choosing which scenario you wish to play, and there are a good number, and laying out the track & station cards around the edge of the board.  This is one of the great things about Snowdonia - each expansion is just a deck of cards which replace the original station & track cards, add a few additional rules and make a completely different experience.

The main board has a number of actions you can take like gathering resources, digging out rubble to clear …

Seals of Cthulhu - Kickstarter Thoughts

Look, we all play around with words to make things sound more exciting.  An extra adjective or an overzealous description can do wonders for how something can be perceived.  Apparently this is something called marketing. It brings wonder and longing. It can create demand where none existed before. It lights up the spark of desire within the very souls of ourselves that need that new shiny in our lives.
We have all at some point been misled. Discovered the unfortunate truth that the picture on the cover of that microwave meal had nothing in common with the sludge that appeared on the plate. That somehow Magic the Gathering was meant to be a good game, that Mechs vs Minions actually had nowt to do with the film and Stuart and Bananas were nowhere to be seen. 

So when Sean, A Person from Thing12games reached out with his rather long arms and beard, tapped us on the shoulder, and said
 “Hey! I've beaten you at Star Realms, would you like to play a two player game involving bidd…

Darwin's Choice - Treeceratops Games - Preview

Darwin’s Choice - Treeceratops Games - Kickstarter Preview

Let’s start this preview by putting things in perspective. There’s a reasonably large amount of pressure placed on a preview for a Kickstarter game that isn’t live yet, that isn’t in other people’s hands and isn’t already out there with a general consensus on whether it is generally enjoyable or wash out. It’s a lot to take in that maybe your thoughts are the thing that could maybe sway someone’s opinion to back or not bother. That you could effectively hold the lifeline or axe over someone who has potentially spent years developing their product.
At the same time, I owe it to you to make you sure that you read this knowing that I completely adore you, and would hate the thought of you potentially wasting a few hours of your precious time, playing a game that at the end you put in that cupboard.  You know, the one where you store the games that aren’t easy to access, the ones that eventually end up at the charity shop, because …