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Battlecruiser Alamo - Ed Jowett - Shades of Vengence - Parole Board Episode

ED JOWETT is back on to chat about his latest venture an RPG based on the Battlecruiser Alamo. He's gone beyond a repeat offender and is now potentially on parole.

So join us for chat and giggles and all because Ed is brilliant.


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Darwin's Choice - Treeceratops Games - Preview

Darwin’s Choice - Treeceratops Games - Kickstarter Preview

Let’s start this preview by putting things in perspective. There’s a reasonably large amount of pressure placed on a preview for a Kickstarter game that isn’t live yet, that isn’t in other people’s hands and isn’t already out there with a general consensus on whether it is generally enjoyable or wash out. It’s a lot to take in that maybe your thoughts are the thing that could maybe sway someone’s opinion to back or not bother. That you could effectively hold the lifeline or axe over someone who has potentially spent years developing their product.
At the same time, I owe it to you to make you sure that you read this knowing that I completely adore you, and would hate the thought of you potentially wasting a few hours of your precious time, playing a game that at the end you put in that cupboard.  You know, the one where you store the games that aren’t easy to access, the ones that eventually end up at the charity shop, because …