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Oh, ho, ho, its Magic - A confession

This may become something of a confessional. I hope none of my other games read this, as they might end up getting jealous. How do I put this? I've fallen head over heels for another game, and that game is Magic: The Gathering.

Its been a bit of a strange path that has led me here to be honest. I became interested in game design the more I played card and board games, which led me to various podcasts on the subject. One theme that cropped up a lot was the need for anyone interested in designing games, to experience lots of games and mechanisms by simply playing  as many key games as possible. One name cropped up time and time again - Magic: The Gathering.

Now, I don't live under a rock. I was well aware of the game and its significance, but I had (up until that point) had no desire to play it due to the perceived financial implications of "buying into" the game. I had played and enjoyed Star Wars: Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games, but the whole reason I stopped was t…

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