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Lost Ones - Greenbrier Games - TTS Play Session Preview

We played this version using Tabletop Simulator on Steam, so the art, rules and mechanics may be subject to change over the next couple of months. Therefore please treat this as a first thoughts piece, based on version of the game that we play with. We have not been paid for the preview. We also do not provide a full play by play explanation of the game, so not all mechanics may be mentioned in the preview.

I was around nine years old, in primary school, and we were having our normal one hour reading time in the morning. Reading time was a strange type of affair, because you either brought in books that you owned yourself or had chosen something from 'the classroom bookcase'. If you had the pleasure of picking something from 'the classroom bookcase', then you had to be quick and crafty to make sure you bagged a book like Lion Adventure or The Secret Garden. If you were too slow, you might end up with some random book that you were stuck with until you were finished it …

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