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Okiya Board Game - Blue Orange Games

The main thing to remember in all of these things is that not everything has to be a huge epic main course, consisting of multiple parts and flavours. Now more than ever, the simpler flavours are going to be more likely on the menu, as those with more eccentric and complicated tastes will have to stay away, as like so many places as the moment, the restaurant is closed.
Okiya is the simplest of dishes, almost an appetiser, like Tapas but filling. Like a great dish, the presentation will get those saliva glands going, while the simple strategy will have you walking away feeling slightly full but not overly stuffed. It's theme is there as a garnish but not necessarily part of the flavour.

Your aim is simple, you either want to form a square or a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with your geisha tokens in the four by four grid. The grid contains stunning looking background titles, which you swap out as you take turns to play. The clever thing behind it is that you can only repl…

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