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Theurgy Board Game by The Ministry of Meeples Kickstarter Preview

There is always a certain level of nervousness when you first dive into a game, especially one where the words 'Kickstarter Preview Copy' are attached. You are literally hoping that you aren't just a tertiary level of play-testing for the designer, and that you don't end up playing the 'benefit of the doubt' card when things don't quite mesh. You don't often get the same experience in a professionally produced game where entire teams of play testers might be used, and there's not a sparing of feelings when it come to criticism. It's not that I want to be overly critical on a creator for their attempts, but at the same time, if you want to be accepted as a professional, then you have to be pushing yourself to being as close as you can to that level.
The Ministry of Meeples want you to take them seriously. Everything from the introduction note for Reviewers included in the box to the rule book in Theurgy suggest they are thinking about engagement…

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