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Ronnie Renton - Mantic Games - Dungeon Saga Origins - Armada - Painting and WARGAMES..

Ronnie Renton is no miniature in the world of wargaming. (see what I did there) As the owner of Mantic Games, him and his team have continued to bring gamers a range of exciting and different tabletop skirmish games, and he joins me to chat about the return of Dungeon Saga in the form of Dungeon Saga Origins. We chat about Mantic, his day to day running of the business, selecting the right talent, a bit about Armada, and we even mention my local game store, Accent Gaming. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to support us then please visit and interact with the links below. Please give us a rating o
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Justin De Witt - Fireside Games - Castle Panic - A Cold Cup of Tea is the worst..

Joined by the delightful Justin De Witt to chat about hot drink thermodynamics, starting up your own game company, the attraction of Kickstarter and selling an evergreen title. I hope you enjoy the show. LINKS of NOTE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to support us then please visit and interact with the links below. Please give us a rating or review on your podcast catcher of choice. Also, please let someone else know about our show, as recommendations are wonderful things. OUR LINKS OF NOTES ( ) Apple Podcasts | Our Blog, Reviews, Previews and Thoughts | Our YouTube Channel Our BGG Guild | Board Game Geek Page | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Buy Some Merch Stay Safe, Roll Sixes, Mak

Roll Player Board Game Review - Thunderworks Games

The notification ping sounds for the fourth time as you stand in front of the mirror in your third outfit change of the last twenty minutes. The bed and floor look like someone set off some kind of glitter bomb in the room, if the glitter was a mixture of chainmail, leather armour, boots and swords. You move your foot slightly to steady yourself and stand fairly heavily on a six sided dice, comically showing the number one and laughing at your critical fail. This causes you to fall backwards, grab the blanket on your bed and pull the entire contents on top of you including the once again pinging phone. It lands gracefully and predictably on your face and you're able to read the previous four sent messages. They're short and concise.   We're in the Tavern, where are you?  We're going to the basement, Where Are You?   There's some rats in here, WHERE are you?  THERE'S A HUGE RAT HERE, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU???!! You sigh, because as everyone knows, you take Roll P

Adventure Presents - Tiny In The Tower Overview - Rebellion Unplugged

  Unknown to a lot of you, most weeks I play an ongoing campaign of Blades in the Dark. We've been playing for well over a year with an established set of characters that have grown into their roles as we have gone from quest to quest. Our games master is nothing short of incredible, keeping us on the path where we need to be, pushing us in the right direction when required and being incredibly quick at ad libbing situations when we have quite clearly pitched when we should have yawed. It makes for a nice bit of escape. They have notes and even record audio logs to keep themselves right. They put up with absences and delays and me being an absolute arse. So Kris, if you ever read this, let it be known that you are a complete legend.  It is because of the level of professionalism required from a RPG runner, that I've never felt comfortable just diving in and trying  to run a scenario myself. I would be afraid that I wouldn't remember everything I was meant to say or forget a

Wingspan Board Game Review - Stonemaier Games

  So let's start with a confession. I've always been impressed with the way the Jamey Stegmaier runs Stonemaier games. From his initial success with Kickstarter, to his continual support of the community, his fundraising, his openness to talk about his own life and experiences. Like every endeavour, there's been missteps along the way and not every game that is part of the Stonemaier portfolio can be considered as much of a classic to me as Viticulture or Scythe. However, he continues to be one of these dependable voices trying to do the right thing. When Wingspan became a thing I was one of the first people to interview the designer  Elizabeth Hargrave.  , we spoke about her game before it literally stormed everywhere like a tidal wave and went on to sell over 1.6 million copies. (You should give it a listen, Elizabeth is a fascinating person to speak with) Now four years later, I finally sat down and try to figure out what the fuss was about. I'm not expecting this re

Alice is Missing Is The RPG Introverts Might Just Have Been Looking For..

As you are exposed to the board game and tabletop hobby, there's a chance at some point you'll visit a local game club. If its anything like my local wonderful gathering, you get an eclectic mixture of games and those who partake in them. The neoprened table of the wargamers, with their metal cases and foam cuddled miniatures raring to do battle across the stars or across a muddy field. The board gamers in a constant state of either trying to decide what to play, or trying to learn the latest shiny and new, while others argue that maybe next time they could have this conversation before game night. Those that play RPGs are away from the main hall, upstairs in their own room for the sake of everyone's internal monologue.  It's not because we don't like them. They don't smell any more or less precious than the rest of us. It is just that everything is turned up to eleven. There's a tendency for loudness and over expression. Look at it this way, someone missed

Pocket Paragons Card Game Review - Solis Studios

We don't exist in a bubble. Our differing experiences shape our opinions and life views, and that's a wonderful thing. Trends effect our decisions, new ways of thinking change our perspective. Comparisons will always be made by what we used to do in the past compared to what we have done now. Board games naturally feed off each other, as designers can't help but be subconsciously influenced by what they see, read and play. I've personally never seen the sense in the ultimate big list comparison of all board games. Games are generally designed and sold to facilitate making the passing of time easier on us and also ideally make money for the creator. Whether that be through forcing us to guffaw with laughter, or spend seven minutes staring at the same space deciding whether to place a meeple or not. Games have an objective, an aim that they intend to fulfil. So it's important when I'm writing about them to take that into account. Pocket Paragons aims to fill that

That Old Wallpaper Card Game Review - Alderac Entertainment Group

  Huge shag pile carpets like miniature forests, sofas and chairs furnished in material that almost looks like one of those stereoscopic 3D images that if you stare long enough at it would turn into some kind of horrific fashion monster. Televisions with four channels and four buttons to select those channels with NO remote control. Your gran coming round to your house and smoking in the house while dishing out a packet of Opal Fruits, a Marathon and a packet of Beef Monster Munch for each of the kids. Men with non ironic moustaches and mutton chop sideburns and hair almost down to the shoulders. Surrounding it all, keeping it all together in the most wonderful over patterned way is That Old Wallpaper. Overview That Old Wallpaper is a competitive card selection game where you will try to win cards that will complement your existing tableau of wallpaper cards. You will try to create patterns that will ultimately score you points at the end of the game. It's designed to be played at

Marvel Snap Strategy Decks - My Five Favourite Decks To Play

Marvel Snap is one of my favourite games to play at present. It doesn't require a thirty minute commitment of time like Vampire Survivors for every session and you can spend as much or as little on the game to purchase various upgrades and trinkets. I admire how it could have taken the very easy cash in option in terms of how it was designed and I admire the amount of work that must have gone into its development. Its one of those game that I'll admit that I've spent so much time on, that throwing the designers some money on occasion has felt warranted. It does a lot of things right in terms of balancing and deck building and there's not one killer deck out there that seems to dominate for too long before it is fairly reigned in. Yes, there are some cards I think are pretty tricky to acquire without a bit of luck, but I'm having so much fun playing it. What is great to see is that while there are several key strategies coming out over time, there is still enough var

S8 - Jamey Stegmaier Talking Stonemaier Games and Expeditions.

Jamey Stegmaier joins us on our seventh anniversary to talk about Expeditions, Singing, Tap Dancing, The Doubt surrounding Frank West's Cat ownership. Why Isaac Childres is like George Lucas. And why he's comfortable with the sales and information cycle in relation to boardgames. LINKS OF NOTES If you would like to support us then please visit and interact with the links below. Please give us a rating or review on your podcast catcher of choice. Also, please let someone else know about our show, as recommendations are wonderful things. OUR LINKS OF NOTES ( ) Apple Podcasts | Our Blog, Reviews, Previews and Thoughts | Our YouTube Channel Our BGG Guild | Board Game Geek Page | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Buy Some Merch Stay Safe, Roll Sixes, Make Something Awful..

Zaberias - Board Game Review

  Sometimes you sense the purpose of something, you grasp the motive behind the work in front of you. Normally you're presented with the final product and the best form of what something should be. On occasion the end result is so bright, so glittering that you end up slightly closing your eyes, almost squinting in order to see past the glitz and glamour to more stripped down version underneath. On occasion you wish the brightness had been toned down, that maybe that last fleck of gold had been left on the table and that last piece of glitter had been left in the bottle, as what you had was already good enough. You didn't need the ostrich feather to show everyone you had made something special. Overview There was a lasting peace between the Humans, Undead, Guardians and Orcs, that was shattered when someone decided they needed to make a kid friendly skirmish type board game. After a campaign of theft, apple stealing, stink bombs and threats of terrible Dad jokes, the four peace