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Chronicles of Crime 1400 - Lucky Duck Games - Revew

This review is based on the final retail version of The Chronicles of Crime 1400. We were provided a copy of the game by Lucky Duck Games for the purpose of this review. We have not been paid for the review. Chronicles of Crime 1400 1-4 players Age 14+ Designed by David Cicurel and Wojciech Grajkowski Published by Lucky Duck Games It’s an exaggeration to say that digital content and apps are controversial in boardgames, but it is fair to say that they’re crowd splitters.   Between fears of not being able to play a game when digital support is removed and having to hand over part of your device to a company, however trusted, there is some degree of resistance from even those willing to accept the concept.   Added to that the fact that many app integrations boil down to glorified timers and a lot of gamers only play games to get devices off the table, games with integrated apps will have some people giving a game the side eye.   The Chronicles of Crime series has arguably been

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