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TeeCeeGees - May The Force Of Disney Compel You - We're Not Wizards Tabletop Podcast Episode

AKA The Boy who made me livid.. Not everyone is here to let you down. Unless that person is Luke Prior, who aims to let you down from the moment you start recording. Join us on the We're Not Wizards Tabletop Podcast as we plumb the depths of light entertainment and confuse the majority of our audience with a mixture of 80s BBC comedy shows and brand new card games. We're so cutting edge that we're talking Lorcana and Star Wars Unlimited MONTHS after it came out, but we also chat about the following nonsense.   2:00 Madonna 3:45 'ello 'ello   9:15 Les Dawson 11:30 A&E visits 14:45 Kids Today 20:00 I'm old and tired but still good fun 27:45 Oathsworn   36:00 Videogames being tricky 42:00 Unplayed Mythic Battles 45:00 Lorcana and Star Wars Unlimited   01:02:00 Word from the Sponsor

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