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Tiny Towns Board Game Review - Alderac Entertainment Group

 This review is based on the final retail version of the game provided to us by the designer and publisher. We were not paid for this review. We give a general overview of the gameplay and so not all of the mechanical aspects of the game may be mentioned. For all the times that you hope you end up getting the chance to review something new and shiny and on the lips of every media and social channel out there, there is always the internal battle that if something does turn out to be very good, that part of your Pokemon Master DNA is attributing to that excitement. Sometimes, it's nicer to get something after the dust has settled down, without the pressure of embargo dates and the chance being able to take your time and appreciate something once the noise has gone.  Tiny Towns from Alderac Entertainment Group was such a game. For a time, it appeared to be everywhere, mentioned on lists and playthroughs and Twitch streams. It went as far as winning a Game of the Year award at Origins

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