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The Digital Agency Game Kickstarter Preview

"Yeah, it's good" is the "Yeah they're a nice person" of the board game world. It's the 6/10 of the video game world, the 3 out of 5 stars for movie reviews. It's something that does exactly what it planned to do and nothing more, not being rubbish enough to anger you for wasting your time, but not making you glad you carved out time from your day in order to experience what was on offer.
The issue with tabletop is that we expect our tiny entitled minds to be blown away every time we sit down in front of the latest boxed goods sitting on our table, and so when something does something 'good', it is sometimes easy for 'good' to find itself not picked up and played again.

The Digital Agency Game from David Storey is a perfect example of a 'good game', where there is a lot to like from the outset. The graphical presentation is clean and crisp, the rules are well laid out and easy to understand, and you'll grasp the basics w…

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