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Ruthless - First Thoughts - Iain McAllister

This Review is based of a first playthrough of the game at UK Games Expo. I do not own it, though have pre-ordered, and have not read the rulebook.

Arr matey that be a fine deckbuilder that you have there. Be a real shame if some plucky young game set sails on the choppy seas of game releases and blew a hole in your bloated side, making off with all the best loot and leaving you with naught but an accordion playing parrot and a memory of how good you used to have it. Ruthless folk would do that to you and those scurvy dogs from Alley Cat Games might be the crew to carry it off. Now get up in that crow's nest and see if we can't tell which way the wind is blowing.

Batten Down the Hatches!!

Deckbuilding has become a rather overused mechanic in the last few years, being forced into every genre under the sun. I’ll admit that it does lend a sense of replayability to a lot of games but I often feel it is turning up because it is such an easy go to mechanic, with a ready made army of lo…

Pandemic 2nd Edition – Matt Leacock/Z-Man Games - Steve Mcgillivray

The first idea we had of a major catastrophe was when we had reports of simultaneous outbreaks of several virulent viral infections. The Indian sub-continent, Western Europe and Africa were hit especially hard in the early days. Medical services in Rome, Delhi and Johannesburg were reporting mass casualties and medical services in danger of collapsing under the pressure. As we at the CDC began mobilising to tackle this problem, reports started coming in of infections showing up in every continent across the globe including right here in the United States. We had to move quickly as our computer simulations did not pain a rosy future for humanity. We were looking at the end of civilisation as we know it, and possible extinction.

From the CDC headquarters here in Atlanta, I was tasked with pulling together a team and getting them into the field as quickly as possible to tackle these outbreaks head on. I pulled in the leading experts across a number of fields – engineers, IT and logistic…

Gloom of Kilforth - A Fantasy Quest Game

Gloom of Kilforth

An innovative take on the fantasy adventure genre, the game boasts incredible artwork and a superb theme. You are an adventurer looking to tell their tale in the form of a three part saga. Each part of the saga is completed by collecting keywords from locations and encounters.

As a first offering from designer Tristan Hall, this was a very ambitious project and 10 years on the making. His decision to use only one artist to produce the unique pieces of art for over 300 cards led to quite a big delay, but the result is a truly stunning looking game with a consistent feel. Every time you draw a card, you will spend a moment just taking in it's beauty. This coherence really helps in immersing the players into a fantasy world akin to a Tolkien story.

You choose from a selection of heroes races and classes, the variety of which will give many combinations, keeping the game fresh. Then, choose a 'saga' - a personal quest spanning 4 chapters that you must complet…

Snowdonia Review - Guest Reviewer - Paul Kellett

It's a train game, isn't it.

Well, there are trains (many, many wonderful (and stupid) trains), and there are tracks, but Snowdonia is not your typical stuffy old train game.

Snowdonia is a worker placement Euro game (one of the best in My opinion) which has players working to complete the railway up to the top of Mount Snowdon.

While you are all working on the same track, this is a competitive game in which you score points for laying tracks, building stations and completing contracts.

The Dai is Cast

The game is set up by choosing which scenario you wish to play, and there are a good number, and laying out the track & station cards around the edge of the board.  This is one of the great things about Snowdonia - each expansion is just a deck of cards which replace the original station & track cards, add a few additional rules and make a completely different experience.

The main board has a number of actions you can take like gathering resources, digging out rubble to clear …