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Cryptid: Urban Legends Review - Osprey Games

I didn't play the previous Cryptid game, though I heard stories that it was a challenging enjoyable game that looked like the bum end of Mothman, scary and interesting but ultimately not the nicest thing to look at. Fast forward to this year and we have Cryptid: Urban Legends, a two player competitive puzzle game designed by Ruth Veevers and Hal Duncan and dripping with simply stunning artwork from Kwanchai Moriya, an artist who illustrated my wonderful darling Catacombs and continues to age like a fine wine in terms of the talent and art they are bringing to the table.  Cryptid Urban Legends gives the impression it is a hidden movement game where one of you plays the mythical legendary cryptid and the other plays a would be scientist, aiming to track down and prove the beasts' very existence. In reality, it plays out more like a tactical movement puzzle, where one of you is trying to place presence tokens with the aim is to end up with two of your prese