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Zombicide: The Terracotta Army - Tim Kulynych

This is a work of fiction and should be treated accordingly. (Like positive Kickstarter Reviews)

With champagne still left in a few bottles fresh off their massive Kickstarter Marvel Zombicide, CMON is gearing up for yet another Zombicide campaign launching this summer. Shifting to the East in theming for the upcoming installment, The Terracotta Army will include pre-painted figures in its base game for the first time. To take the helm in such an undertaking, CMON has partnered with miniature painting giant Army Painter. Always in tune with their fanbase, CMON may also be offering a “Sundrop” option for those gamers who wish to bring the figures to life with their own brush. 

Joining us today, we catch up with the probably sober campaign developer Alan Johnson for an inside scoop on what to expect from CMON on the new Zombicide.

We’ll start with the obvious question on the BGG Forums, why another Zombicide title immediately after your last one?

ALAN JOHNSON: Honestly, it is more of a need than a want. Fans don’t think about the IP costs. Disney about killed us. Marvel Zombies made 9 million on Kickstarter. So what? We see an extremely small margin of that. It's not like I don’t have to still take my kids to Six Flags. We needed something we could get out the door fast. Look, we have yet to replace Eric Lang, so when you get a notification of 8000 Terracotta soldiers available on Alibaba, you make another flipping Zombicide.

Will any new game mechanisms be introduced in this new version? How will the exclusive horses add to the gameplay?

ALAN JOHNSON: Who knows. Zombicide is what we call a “hotdog” game. Nobody knows what’s in it and yet people keep buying them. Maybe you eat the horses.

So much time and care goes into the production of these miniatures. Will the size of these figures be in line with the rest of the series?

ALAN JOHNSON: Each figure will be 5ft 11inches and weigh approximately 600 pounds. We are selling and painting the actual Terracotta Army.

Wow, that is amazing! Such an ambitious undertaking! What pros and cons do you see with a project of such scale?

ALAN JOHNSON: It’s been pretty great actually. Most westerners are not aware of this, but China takes its spring break in the middle of the winter for some reason, so the country is basically empty. Our own logistics team is rolling right along. It also helps that the figures have been finished for like 2000 years.

Alan, if you don’t mind, we have a few super chat questions coming in:

: I hate you CMON! Your business practices 100% rely on the FOMO of gamers. Adding more and more add-ons to each campaign, why can’t you just offer a complete game instead of manipulating the consumer?!

: I’m going to take a wild guess that Willy doesn’t like advent calendars either. We want you to enjoy the ride, but I see what he is saying and yes there will be plenty of surprises to come. We even have Daily unlocks lined up for all of your favorite celebrity horses. Looking for Mr Ed? Psst, you're gonna have to wait until week 2. I understand the FOMO argument and sincerely, If you want the game, get the game, just remember, it will absolutely finally make your life better. 100% Willy is buying this hotdog.

CatannedInLondon: Will VAT charges be included in the price? I understand shipping costs keep going up, but it is hard to get excited about a campaign when the charge for shipping is half the price of the actual game.

ALAN JOHNSON: We understand that fans want something different, so for this project, shipping will be astronomically more expensive than the game itself. It's going to be yin-credible! Just remember, this is a one and gone project for these show stopper deluxe components. Be there on day one!

Quackalope: Hey! Can’t get enough Zombicide! We received the Terracotta prototype last week, but it seems we only received human remains. So far, it's hard to find any sense of gameplay or a rulebook, but I’m saying this now… this may be in our Top 5 of the year. A must buy! Period. After a successful campaign, stay tuned for an update in 3 months when it just doesn’t fit in our collection! Will there be any official play-through or tutorial videos prior to launch? I know a guy ;)

ALAN JOHNSON: My bad on the prototype, had to cut some corners due to shipping. For the tutorial, we are currently surveilling Rodney Smith with 3 unmarked sedans full of flannel shirts until he meets our demands. Canada is only so big.

The Terracotta Army holds such a historical significance to China, is it difficult to market such an endeavor while honoring its cultural importance?

ALAN JOHNSON: Honoring the past was priority one. Army Painter has gone to great lengths to ensure the final product is as close to how the soldiers originally looked over 2000 years ago with such new paint shades such as Emperor Red, Thai Curry Green, and Fortune Cookie Tan. We also obtained the rights to use the font from Finding Nemo for the box title. It just does not get more traditional than that. Our story will be rich in history as we follow the ancient Samurai clan The Red Pearls. Golden Zombie Fish will also be a stretch goal.

Is there a special technique or process that Army Painter is using to apply their new paints to the clay that makes up each soldier? I’m sure there is quite a difference in application vs the usual plastic miniatures.

ALAN JOHNSON: Not really. They just use a hose.

Well Alan, Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today. Let's wrap up with a few more super chats.

HORSEOFCOURSE: In the initial press release CMON mentioned a My Little Pony expansion. Which of the Ponies will be made available? Please tell me Quibble Pants is in the set!

ALAN JOHNSON: Is that the one who makes dreams come true? Yeah I think that’s Scribble Pants. Yes, we will have an exclusive My Little Pony expansion set, but you will just have to wait to see what is included I’m afraid. We have packed so much into this campaign, we really think it will be our biggest one yet!

DRSprinklesMD: Is this campaign simply targeting Bronies and Pegasisters? The Ponies have some dark history with consumerism and it seems you are just attempting to cash in on that.

ALAN JOHNSON: Well, we are a company, so yes the aim is to make a profit. I’m not familiar with the Pega sisters. I did go to school with a Susan Pega.

pony4ME: So excited for the campaign. Here is hoping Rainbow Dash is watching over those skies for us!

ALAN JOHNSON: I don’t even know what that means.

NYTed: Will it be possible to save on shipping if I pick up the My Little Pony set directly from the factory in China?

ALAN JOHNSON: I guess that may be possible. That is more of a question for the logistics team.

DragonLord44: I can’t wait to prime those ponies If you know what I mean <3

ALAN JOHNSON: Well they do come pre-painted so you really don’t need to prime anything.

JUSTiceSMURF: What the hell does Mr Ed and My Little Pony have to do with Chinese culture? Also, the Samurai were Japanese and 1000 years after the Terracotta Army.

ALAN JOHNSON: Our story takes place in a parallel universe where anything and everything can happen as long as we don’t have to pay any royalties to Disney. Thank you so much for the feedback though. We really want to do this correctly and would love to hear any feedback up until the pledge manner closes. Fair warning, you are going to really dislike the Space Sumo Expansion.

MAGICSQUIRTS: HOOF-SHAKE! Will the My Little Pony expansion also be life size and will they be made of clay or possibly a much much much softer material. Mainly asking about Petunia Petals.

ALAN JOHNSON: Really need to wrap this up folks. Sorry!

GlitterPickle: Do I need to buy the base game to get the My Little Pony set? Would you consider these figures to be “washable’?

DUNGEONDannyK: Will the ponies have assholes?

{Alan Johnson has left the chat}


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